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World's First Natural Spice Blends by Tiger

Tiger Spice Blends is a revolutionary new range of all-natural spice blends that have been carefully crafted to make delicious meals without artificial additives or preservatives. With a range of global flavors, these spice mixes make it easy to create restaurant-quality dishes at home in no time. Perfect for everyone from beginner cooks to seasoned chefs, Tiger Spice Blends are sure to elevate any meal!
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    Natural Spice Blends

    Our natural spice blends enhance all biryanis, curries, and mandi dishes with flavorful essences. From chicken biryani essence to mutton biryani essence and mandi essence, our ingredients bring a unique flavor to your cooking.
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              Want to know more about Tiger Foods India? In this FAQ, you can find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions. Get informed now!

              Where can I find more information about the ingredients used in product recipes?

              Our range of food products includes natural, fresh ingredients, sourced from local farmers in India. All the ingredients are carefully chosen to ensure they meet the highest quality standards. If you require more information about a specific product’s ingredients, please refer to our product page on our website. You can also contact us directly with any further queries and we’ll be happy to help.

              How can I purchase products from Tiger Foods India?

              Customers can purchase products from Tiger Foods India via their online store. They offer secure payment options and free shipping on orders above a certain value. They also have several physical stores across different cities in India, where customers can browse and buy products as per their needs.